Fantastic 7s

If 7 is your lucky number, then this is the gambling machine for you. Fantastic 7, developed by Microgaming, is a classic slot machine which stays true to everything about the original casino experience. The number 7 has always been a symbol of the traditional casino games. When you think of the lucky number 7, you think of the tremendous jackpots and prizes that come with it. Fantastic 7 is no different and delivers on that promise with a slot game all about it.


  • The casino game is a traditional slot machine with 3 reels and only one payline.
  • The least paying combination that can be won is the cherries. Scoring one, two or three in a row will win payouts between 2 – 30.
  • The second tier is the BARs. There are different types such as the single BAR, double BAR and triple BAR, each scoring a higher payout when landing three of the same kind. The payout of 10-30 credits for single, 20-60 for double and 30-90 for triple. Scoring different BAR symbols in a row also nets a payout of 5-15.
  • The third tier of symbols is the 7s. Landing three red 7 symbols in a row wins the second highest payout of 80-240. Landing three multi-coloured 7s in a row rewards the largest payout in the slot, 500-2,500. Scoring any of these two 7’s three times in a row rewards the third-highest payout of 40-120.
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Option to Play Free or with Real Money

The max number of coins that can be placed is a total of 3 coins. The coin value size can be changed broadly, with the minimum size being 0.25 and 25.0 being the maximum size. In terms of real money, this means that minimum amount that can be bet is 0.25USD. The maximum amount of real money that can be bet is 75.00USD.

To deposit real money in the game, the customer must first register with the casino site where the game can be played on. Once signed in, the player can then deposit their money into the casino which can then be used for playing.


Landing three of the multi-coloured 7s rewards the player with 2,500 the initial bet, if bet with the max 3 coins. This means the player has a chance of winning 1,875.00USD when betting real money.

Bonus Rounds and Free Spins

Because this game is a basic 3-reel slot machine, there are no special features implemented within it. This means that there are no bonus rounds or chances to win multipliers and free spins. There are no Wild or Scatter symbols either to activate any other bonuses.

Closing Note

Fantastic 7 is favourite among Microgaming fans. Presented by the majority of casinos online, it provides a simplistic but easy to learn experience when it comes to online slot machines. Not to mention that it stays true to one of the most beloved symbols of gambling there is, making it truly a fantastic, lucky number 7. Microgaming has a large collection of classic 3-reel slots games available to play. Games like Couch Potato, Flo’s Diner and Cash Splash all follow the nostalgic casino slot formula.

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