In 1978, John Carpenter directed a Halloween themed horror-thriller movie starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasance. That film left a big impression on many Halloween fans. It is no surprise that with the slot game trend, a slot was made based on the movie. The Halloween slot speaks to many Halloween fans that would love to enjoy the thrills and adventures that come with that special day on any other ordinary day. This means that even if it is not Halloween, one can still enjoy the thrills and adventures attached to the day through the year.

The movie follows Michael Myers who after having killed his sister fifteen years ago makes a comeback to his hometown of Haddonfield to pick up his killing spree. Whether he is lurking outside or stalking the corridors inside the home, players have to find a way of escaping his killing spree. In a bid to make the game as realistic as possible, besides the characters’ portraits and the Strode family house porch, there is also sound to make for an incredibly horror-stricken game!

At a Glance

The manufacture of the game is Microgaming. It is available on both desktop and a number of mobile applications. It does come with bonus rounds which make for a chance to win against your stake. A free spin feature can be triggered which spells out great benefits to the player.

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This slot does have a multiplier effect when in the Boogeyman Bonus round. The beauty of the multipliers is that they increase by 1 for each prize you manage to bag. In the event that you bag all 10 prizes then you will unlock an additional cash prize set at 20x your stake!

The Halloween slot does come with 5 reels and 50 paylines and boosts of both a Wild symbol and a Scatter symbol. The Wild symbol stands out like a sour thumb in the form of the Halloween logo. This symbol can replace all other slot symbols save for the Scatter symbol. Strive to land on the Scatter symbol at least three times in order to get decent winnings.

About the Slot

Online Halloween slot machine is developed by Microgaming software. Players get to enjoy the Halloween theme complete with the Strode family story as per the movie it was adapted from. There are plenty of references to the movie which make for an interesting play. The front porch is lined with portraits of the main characters in the movie.

The game boosts of 5 reels and 50 paylines complete with bonus features. The one feature that stands out is the Trick or Treat one which helps players up their winning chances with every spin made. This is especially the case when the free spins feature is triggered.

Another interesting feature is the Wandering reels which can translate to pretty decent winnings. It is possible to get maximum winnings of x1000 the amount staked. This is thanks to the non-progressive nature of the game.

It is possible to win up to 500 times your total stake with the bonus feature.

A player can use coins ranging from 0.50 to 200 with the maximum payout being £100,000.

Slot games with similar names include ‘Happy Halloween’ which name is ironic considering there is nothing ‘happy’ about the game itself. Other games include Halloween fortune, Lucky Halloween, Halloween Horrors, Monster House, Scary night, Crazy Halloween and Transylvania among others.

Bonus Features to Look out for

To most slot players, a game without bonus symbols is no game at all. Luckily, slot machines Halloween comes with a number of bonus features to make for an interesting game. There are essentially two bonus features to look out for: the Trick or Treat bonus feature and the Bogeyman Bonus feature. However, an additional free spins feature is also one you should look out for:

  • With the Trick or Treat feature, the player has to strive to land a spin on a multiplier as opposed to a character segment. When this happens, the figure on which you land will be multiplied onto your total stake, and you will then be able to take another spin. To further make this feature an attractive one, it is possible to unlock the free spins feature (it is not possible to re-trigger this) when the four characters (Loomis, Annie, Laurie and Lynda) appear on the reel set. Once triggered, 9 free spins will be unveiled.
  • The Boogeyman Bonus feature is triggered when your spin lands on the Michael icon during the Trick or Treat round. Once triggered, 15 lives will be unveiled which will up your winning chances. Landing on the knife presents you with an added life which is useful when faced with Michael the boogeyman. With each life comes a chance to win a cash prize and each prize comes with a multiplier of 1x. Unveil all 10 cash prizes and increase your cash prize by 20 times.
  • The Free Spins feature is triggered when the player lands on Michael. Once triggered, you will be presented with 9 free spins which can translate to pretty decent winnings.

Escaping the Boogeyman for Free or for Cash

This online Halloween slot machine is specifically designed for players from the United Kingdom, Canada, the USA, and Australia. It does come with a minimum bet of £0.50 with a maximum of £200.

In terms of where to play, there are a number of online casinos where you can play for free or for money with some offering signup bonuses.

Once you have had your practice free run, you may wish to play for real money. This is relatively easy. All you have to do is identify the online casino you wish to play with and signup. Most casinos do offer a signup bonus which can be a good start. A deposit will be required at signup. When done, you can start playing for real money. Ideally, it is best to start small as you get the feel of the casino and game.

Common payment systems include Paypal, Skrill, Visa, Neteller, Bank Transfer, EntroPay and Click2Pay among others.

Halloween slot can be played on a desktop or tablet. In addition, it does have a mobile version – it is possible to access the game through Android, Apple or Blackberry.

Milking the Cash Cow

Ideally, you wish to play to win. As such, it is important to learn the tips and tricks of winning. There are 50 paylines available in this slot, the idea is to gather as many identical icons as possible in a row. The idea is to match icons from left to right on your screen. If you have a Wild symbol, then your chances of winning are better since it can replace all other symbols save for the Scatter one.

There are three parts of the game that will make or break your account balance: The Trick or Treat feature, the Boogeyman Bonus feature and the free spins feature. Each helps you unlock precious prizes. However, the boogeyman feature is especially important since it unlocks your potential to gain up to 20x your total stake.

Free Spins and Bonus for a Good Win

Halloween slot employs the random wandering reel feature which stops in 1 of 3 positions for each spin. This means that for each spin, three reels are moved from one side of the screen to the other thus upping your winning potential. The 3 reels do stand 4 rows high for each spin:

  • Trick or Treat: When playing, endeavour to land on three of the red and yellow bonus wheels as this will unlock the Trick or Treat Bonus feature. Once triggered, it will be possible to spin and land on portraits of the different characters of the movie (Loomis, Annie, Laurie and Lynda). Each will represent the figure that will be added to your total stake.
  • Boogeyman Bonus: When a player lands on Michael’s portrait then the Boogeyman Bonus feature is unlocked. This can be a sweet feature if 10 prizes out of the 15 presented leaves are unlocked. In addition, if the knife icon is unlocked, then an added life will be given, which life will be useful in the event that you encounter Michael. Each cash prize equals an additional payout in multiples which can be up to 10x. If all available prizes are unlocked, the player gets 20x the stake prize.
  • Free Bonus: Another good path to winning is the free bonus feature that unlocks 9 free spins.

Lookout for the Boogeyman Bonus Feature

Much as the Trick or Treat and free spins features are important in the game, the Boogeyman Bonus feature is perhaps the best. This is simply because you get to up your stake total up to 20x.

In this part of the game, you are presented with 15 leaves which you have to unfold to reveal what is underneath. Each prize that you unfold equals an additional payout in multiples which can be up to 10x. And to make matters more beautiful, if you do find 10 prizes then you get 20x your total stake!

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