With bright colours and beautifully crafted shapes, Microgaming has brought something new to the table with a flashy video slot for flashy players. Not only will this game take skill, but an element of navigation as players must manoeuvre around a beautifully constructed hexagon puzzle that offers the chance to win great prizes. Traverse the gaming matrix and score elegant combinations, using the colours and sounds to your every advantage. For a different gaming experience, Hexaline is where players take the true test.

Steps Involved in Playing the Hexaline

  • The slot works differently to regular gambling machines as this time there are no paylines. Only 18 tiles on the board for which to be filled once the “play” button has been pressed.
  • The Hexagons will then fall one by one each in different colours. If the player achieves a combination of the same coloured hexagons, they’re rewarded with a payout. There are only five colours in terms of standard symbols. Red, blue, yellow, green and purple.
  • The Wild symbol is the pink Wild tile. This substitutes for all other symbols except the Scatter.
  • The Scatter is the Bonus blue tile. Scoring three of these triggers the bonus round.
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Free Money and Real Money Modes

The slot machine is available in two modes for the players to choose the preferable. The first one is for those who cherish entertainment in the first place and only then think about withdrawable winnings. Thus, enter the demo version which is out of cost and requires no depositing and registration. Otherwise, select any casino and follow those steps to bet on real cash and be able to withdraw your winnings. The RTP is calculated at 96.7%.


The jackpot that can be won through the bonus round is up to 3,000 if the player makes the max bet. The Wild symbol combination of five offers 75 the initial bet made. Only this game can grant the full outcome.

Special Round and Additional Features

If the player scores three or more bonus hexagons, the bonus game begins. Players will start from the first line of tiles on the left. When they pick a tile, it will either take them to the right of the board or the left. If they reveal an X, they stop the game and receive whatever bonus they win. If the player makes it all the way to the end, they earn 40 their payout received.

Other Slots by Microgaming

Hexaline is an engaging slot with the simple rules but rewarding characteristics. If you want to repeat the experience Microgaming has also made other games that are similar to the style of Hexaline. Slots such as Roulette and Six Acrobats require different play styles and different ways to win. Unlike their regular slot machines but very similar in terms of fundamentals, these game include smoother graphics and more 3D animations to show winning combination in a whole variety of methods.

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