Jack In The Box

If you’re in the mood for parties and tricks, you have come to the right place. Jack in the Box, by Microgaming, is a fun little party designed to excite and entice its players with the most lovable toy there is. However, this Jack in the Box will give its players a marvelous surprise instead of a jump scare.  Players will spin the reels to win big prizes with the hopes of receiving the mysterious toy’s grand prize. When the music stops, be prepared for what will be revealed.

How to Play the Slot Game

  • The game is a basic 3-reel slot game with a total of only 1 payline.
  • The symbols used are more traditional, representing the kind you would find in most standard slot machines in casinos. The most common symbol is the cherry symbol. This rewards a payout if you score even just one on the payline. Scoring three of them will earn a bigger bonus.
  • The second tier of symbols is the BAR symbols. Scoring three of any of these will offer a payout. Scoring three of the same BAR symbol will reward a bigger bonus. There are the single, double and triple BAR symbols.
  • The highest paid, a standard symbol is the 7 symbol. This is shown on a closed Jack in the Box. The player must score three of this symbol to offer a payout and nothing less.
  • The Wild symbol is the substitute which fills in gaps for possible combinations. This is the open Jack in the Box.
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Options to Play for Free or Real Money

A maximum of two coins can be bet on the game. When changing the coin value size, the minimum bet of real money can be as low as 0.25USD with the maximum bet of 50.00USD being the highest. To stake real cash, the player is required to pass the registration and make the first minimum deposit. After that, you can win withdrawable cash prizes as well.


The biggest jackpot in the game is achieved by scoring three Wild symbols on the payline. Betting one coin can win the player 2000 to the bet. Betting two coins can win them 5000. Even if the player can’t score three wild symbols, the 7 combination can still score big with up to 200 the bet.

Bonus Rounds and Extra Features

Because this is only a standard 3-reel slot machine, there is no other way to achieve bigger payouts through special features. There are no scatter symbols to activate bonus rounds, and there are no free spins to offer any multipliers. However, the multiplier is a good alternative which can grant up to 4x to the player’s winning combo.

How to Win Real Money

Aiming for the Jack in the Box is what helps to score a variety of different payouts, not just the Jackpot. A wild symbol can help win any combinations so having it in a payline is invaluable. If the player does score three Wild symbols, with the maximum 2 coin bet, this means that players have a chance of winning up to 2,500.00USD. So, that what everyone should target.

Other Games by the Developer

If the player wishes to win other big prizes, but with a simple and easy-to-use 3-reel slot machine, Microgaming has many another great example such as Break Da Bank, Couch Potato and Bar Bar Blacksheep.

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