Jackpot Express

It’s time to hitch a ride on the most exciting vehicle money can buy, for a smooth and enjoyable trip. Jackpot Express, created by Microgaming, is a traditional slot machine for those who wish to enjoy a simpler train travel experience. Set on a classic steam engine train, almost like the one you will find in the British industrial revolution, players will spin the reels to secure the big prizes found in its many compartments. Scoring the regular symbols is to win prizes of their own, with the carts of gold being the final destination of this productive journey.

How to Play the Jackpot Express

  • The game is among basic 3-reel slot machines with a total of 5 paylines available to win prizes.
  • The symbols used are all different combination of the classic BAR symbols used in these simple slot games. Scoring a combination of any BAR symbol can win the player the lowest prize. Scoring a combination of the same BAR symbol offers bigger payouts. There is the single BAR, double BAR and triple BAR symbols available.
  • The highest paid standard symbol is the nostalgic 7 symbol. Scoring a combination of three 7 symbols nets a very large payout.
  • The Wild symbol is represented as carts of gold. This substitutes for any other symbol in the game, to fill in the gaps for possible combinations and making prizes easier to win. Scoring three of this symbol on a payline can offer payout by itself.
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For Pleasure or Real Money

The maximum number of coins that can be staked on the game is 5, with the minimum being a single coin. The coins’ value can be adjusted with each number of the coin. This places the minimum stake of real money at 0.25USD and maximum of 5.00USD when betting with one coin. When staking all five coins, the minimum bet is 1.25USD with the max bet being a total of 25.00USD.

In order to avail of the real money option, the player has to register at any online casino and make a deposit of the minimum required. However, there is always a free option to play the game for fun.


The carts of gold are what grant the biggest jackpots in the game. When scoring three on a payline, they can reward the player of 1000 their bet if they put just one coin at stake. Staking five coins can win the player 5000 to their bet.

Bonus Rounds and Extra Spins Feature

Because this is a more standard slot machine, there are no special features to help to increase the number of payouts that can be won. This means there are no scatter symbols to activate any bonus rounds, no free spins that can be rewarded and no multipliers to be won.

How to Win Real Money

As said before, scoring the carts of gold on any payline is key to winning the biggest prizes. If the player has bet the max coins, with the max value and wins the jackpot of 5000 to their bet that can yield a big reward for a slot game. If the player wishes to avoid potential losses, there is no harm in making smaller stakes to help build up the skill of the game.

Try Other Games by Microgaming

For more simple slot machines with 3 reels, Microgaming has games such as Fantastic 7, High Five or Fortune Cookie. Thus, don’t deprive yourself of other to slots just like Jackpot Express.

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