Microgaming offers its customers a wide range of payment methods. Although this is the case, it is worth noting that these payment methods, in most cases, are casino specific as different casinos have their preferred payment methods. One of the most preferred ways of payments by most casinos is the use of electronic wallets.


When using PayPal, a player can pay and withdraw their winnings without any hustle as it one of the most secure methods of online payment. When compared to other payment solutions, PayPal offers one of the most reliable payment solutions as a user only requires to open an account with PayPal without any restrictions regarding making deposits. Using PayPal comes with one significant advantage to customers, which limiting instances of identity theft as one is not required to provide their banking information. Some of the typical examples of Microgaming casinos which accept PayPal include Royal Vegas Casino, Splendido, Zodiac Casino, Betway, MrSpil (DK), Roxy Palace, Cabaret Club and Ruby Fortune Casino amongst many others.

How Does It Work?

For a player to be able to use this service, they should make sure that PayPal option is enabled. In case it is not enabled in a player’s location, there is no need for them to worry as there are other payment options which are available to internet casino lovers. For internet casino lovers who do not want to use PayPal, they have the choice of using the standard banking methods. However, these other options might be a little bit tricky to find since most internet casinos use PayPal.

Disadvantages of PayPal

Just like any other payment method, PayPal has its cons. For instance, players may suffer due to;

  1. Freezing of their PayPal accounts without any proper communication more so when they violate the terms and conditions, willingly or unwillingly. Worse is that, sometimes, even if a customer pleads with, threatens or begs PayPal, some of the cases do not receive timely solutions.
  2. There are other scenarios where account owners who have opted to sue have lost more than what was frozen in their accounts since there are additional costs when one chooses the legal avenue to settle such cases.

How to stay safe

To limit chances of getting your PayPal account frozen, players need to adhere to PayPal’s payment policies and other terms and conditions. Details of the requirements are available to all account owners and are readily accessible at any time as need be. It is worth noting that some casinos that accept PayPal as a mode of payment may give their players a bonus when customers make deposits through it while others may provide the players additional credits when they make deposits to the casino accounts.

In addition to this, PayPal also offers its customers one of the fastest and most convenient ways of making payments since accounts are credited immediately a deposit is made.


In addition to the above, another eWallet payment method ordinarily available to online casino players is the Neteller. Unlike PayPal, which is limited to specific casinos, this method is accepted in most casinos as a common method of payment. Other than the two above, one can use the following eWAllets;

  1. Skrill;
  2. uKash;

All these eWallet payment options give players better control over how they spend their funds. These methods are also more reliable as they can enable a customer to make payment even using their credit or debit cards freely.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are arguably the most widely accepted methods of casino banking. Most casinos accept Visa or Master Cards, although there are also many casinos which accept the American Express card. It is essential for players who opt for this method to know that most casinos never allow withdrawals back to their cards.

It is also worth noting that all transactions that are done using the card attract a fee which varies from one credit card company to another. In addition to credit cards, some casinos accept debit cards through the transferring of money to eWallets. Unlike credit cards where every transaction using the card attracts a fee, most debit card companies allow its users to make withdrawals speedily, without any extra charge. As such, customers are likely to save and make more transactions when using this method.

Direct Bank Transfers

To make the transactions online is as easy as making payment offline. To make a payment using this method, a player needs to select the “Direct Bank Transfer” option from the main Cashier’s menu on the casino website, followed by choosing the relevant county and then following the prompts that will come up. For you to complete the transfer, one must have the reference number given by the casino when they initiate the transfer process.


  • It is important to note that bank transfers can take up to 72 hours for such funds to be accessible in the casino account. As a result, this method may not be the best for players who want to play immediately after the transfer of their funds has been initiated.
  • Bank transfers expose one to internet fraud, more so when one is not very keen to ensure that information provide is entered into the official secured casino website.
  • Most online casinos do not as well give their customer’s immediate bank transfers as a withdraw option.

Direct Wire Transfer. Online casino players can also use a direct wire transfer. This method is ideal for players who are not comfortable using their credit cards online. With this process, a player can directly transfer funds from their checking account to the casino’s account, quickly, as long as they have the required routing number.

Negatives. The disadvantage associated with direct wire transfers is that with this method, a customer is usually forced to incur a bank fee.

Positives. Direct wire transfers are very secure and reliable; hence a player’s crucial bank details and other personal data is protected by the privacy guaranteed by the method.

Commerce Payment Methods

There are many commercial payment methods available to make online payments. They include;

  • Citadel;
  • Click2Pay;
  • ClickandBuy;

Citadel Commerce payment medium is available to online players as a payment method. The down-side of the above is its unavailability in the USA, therefore limiting its use across locations. Despite the limitations, it is a robust system of payment, especially regarding security and protection of a player’s personal information as this method does not mandate one to provide such details before transacting.

Casino players can also use Click2Pay to make the desired payments. As compared to Citadel Commerce and Direct Wire transfers, this method is popular with most players, although it only accepts deposits. Further to this, the method provides a fast mode of transacting as any transactions is completed within seconds; hence, making the player’s experience seamless.

Closely related to this payment method is the ClickandBuy. With ClickandBuy, it is easy for players to transfer required funds to their Microgaming accounts with little no much a-do.


Casino players can also make use of the eCheck payment platform to make deposits and withdraws. eChecks are an electronic representation of the paper cheque. They provide a fast, reliable and stress-free mode of making payments by electronically generated cheques.

Other Available Payment Methods

Some Microgaming Casinos also accept EcoCard as a payment option. EcoCard is one of the most trusted payment methods although it also has the downside of one only being able to make deposits.

Street Betting Shops

MoneyBookers provides an additional banking method popular amongst Microgaming players is the MoneyBookers. This method is very secure and fast. As a result of this, most players rate this as one of the best ways to use for making deposits as it is so easy to use and applicable in most countries.

In addition to the EcoCard and MoneyBookers, a casino player can also use EntroPay to make payments. EntroPay is a prepaid card and it works like the normal debit card. In terms of safety, this method rates highly because of the secure platform it runs on and it is pretty easy to use.

For those that can access street betting shops, this is another way of making payments. Most betting shops offer the basic banking services from their outlets. For instance, Ladbrokes and William Hill Casino are some of the two most common betting shops that offer players a chance of making deposits and withdraws at their outlets.

Some betting shops need their users to register in the shops to access the withdraw service. Betting shops needs one to physically access the stores using a card which might require a password or in some cases, not. Further, players also need to know that most of these shops may have the maximum and minimum amounts that a player can transact; hence, not a very good method for instant heavy spenders who might not have the time to notify the shops in advance.

Mobile Banking

In addition to all the above, players can use mobile banking in making their payments. Some of the most common mobile banking solutions that one can use include PayByphone and Boku. When using this method, only a phone number is required hence a customer’s private information is normally protected. Mobile Banking is fast becoming one of the most popular modes of payment.