Rock The Boat

Rock the Boat is a slot machine with a traditional theme and is based on the classic American theme, inspired by the king of rock and roll. It keeps the players intrigued, especially those who log in to an online casino to play for the first time.

Developed by Microgaming, this gambling machine along with sound effects of Blue Suede Shoes and Elvis is on an accompanying guitar, definitely gets the attention of the players accordingly. In the sections below, unique features of this game are showcased such as the bonuses, payouts, game rules that will help you to become well versed in this online slot machine.

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This particular online slot is designed as a 3-reel and 1-payline slot where a jackpot is included of 4000 coins, low on the wagering side but higher coins can provide big winnings at the same time.

The game theme showcases Elvis in a wooden boat; Elvis is in his white jumpsuit, holding a mic, posing on a rowing boat with a lighthouse showing in the background.

  • Elvis is the Wild and the main element here with a white guitar being one of the symbols;
  • Sound effects include the first two chords of the song, Blue Suede Shoes – this plays when a winning combination is landed;
  • Other symbols remain similar to traditional slot games.


This particular slot can be played for free as well as played for real money. It includes a jackpot of 1600 coins. Being a classic slots variety, there is no bonus round here.

  • There is a single special symbol here that showcases Elvis which is also the wild symbol of the game. It performs a multiplier icon as well;
  • When a single wild icon is found in a winning combination, there is a 2x multiplier effect in the payout;
  • When winning combinations are obtained, such as three bars of the same category or bars in a three icon sequence, the songs of Elvis start playing in the background;
  • Positive emotions are evoked every time with the songs in the background.

Version to Play for Free and Real Money

This classic slot is easy to understand and play. However, for new players, the demo mode is useful which can be accessed on the spot. Those who wish to wager money need to register for an account at any casino hosting it and make a deposit.


  • 1 Elvis symbol is equivalent to 2x of wagered amount;
  • 2 symbols of its kind pay out 4x of the wagered amount;
  • 3 symbols of its kind provide 800 on the 1st coin and 1600 on the 2nd coin that is the highest in this game;
  • Stacked bar coins, three in number, payout 50 with the 1st coin and 100 with the 2nd coin;
  • There are payouts for double stacked bar icons, three bar icons, three guitar symbols. However, the payouts are of lower amounts.


This particular game will surely win the heart of the fans of the king of rock and roll. The songs that play in the background, as well as the quirky graphics and symbols, are some unique elements of this classic slots game.

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