Slam Funk

Who knew that scratch cards, disco music, a dance floor and basketball could have an interesting mix? Microgaming has once again pushed the bounds in terms of games created. Slam Funk is a scratch card game with a dash of basketball.

In it, players are required to scratch and reveal basketball players on the screen. If three matching basketball players are revealed, then a bonus awaits you depending on the revealed character.

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How to Play Slam Funk?

As if dealing with scratch cards is not enough, Microgaming decided to throw in a dance floor! A good win from one of the players results into that player showing their dance moves on the floor!

Each time a ball successfully passes through the net hence a slam funk, a dance move is pulled by the given player. To complete the picture is a cheerleader to keep the players’ spirits high.

When playing, it is possible to reveal one bit of the scratch section at a time or all nine of them thanks to the ‘Reveal All’ option.

Depending on how much you bet, you can receive as much as 250x your bet. Each image on the screen comes with a different multiplier (there arrange from 1x all the way to 250x).

Even a novice can comfortably play Slam Funk thanks to its simplicity. All you have to do is to choose a card value then proceed to purchase a new card. Once done, you will have to scratch it off to reveal an image.

Depending on the image revealed, you may be awarded a prize. As mentioned before, it is possible to scratch off all cards at a go or to make use of a mouse cursor to scratch off one card at a time. The former one, of course, speeds up the game process.

When scratching, be on the lookout for a very tall black player with an afro as that is the character that will earn you big winnings! If you manage to line up three of such a character, then you will get to enjoy a 250x multiplier on the stake you made initially.

Play for Real Money or for Free

As with most games, it is best to enjoy a free version before injecting your cash into the game. With Slam Funk, it is possible to bet anywhere from 50 cents to $10 on a chosen scratch card.

This is an instant win game which means that what you reveal is what you automatically win. There is a jackpot prize of $2,500 up for grabs!

Bonus round & Free Spins

There are no bonus rounds to speak of, no progressive jackpots and no free spins in Slam Funk. Although these are lacking, it doesn’t take away from the simplicity of the game and the great potential to win thanks to the fairly decent RTP which is slotted at 95.04%.

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