Vegas Strip Blackjack

The famous Vegas Strip Blackjack from the reputed software developer Microgaming reminds us the stretch of Las Vegas, the Strip. It is based on the American kind of game, which evokes much interest and enthusiasm among the players.

The potential of the twenty-one games of the land-based casino has also been well thought of in the online casinos for the benefit of online players.

How is it Played?

This game is available for free online where four standard decks with no jokers are used. Obviously, the decks of cards are shuffled at the end of each round or hand.

The game commences when one places the bet. Out of the two cards served for him, the dealer reveals one of the cards. In case one of the cards is either an ace or 10, he checks for the blackjack. If a dealer has the blackjack, the hand is considered over unless the player matches the croupier’s hand.

You can draw 9 cards without exceeding the total of 21. If the dealer has a “Soft 17,” he is not eligible to draw one more card. For the benefit of a novice player, Soft 17 is when the score is an ace or one or more cards lower than 6.

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The player may double down on every initial combination if the first two cards are not totalling to 9, 10 or 11. You can split the hand if the denomination is different though the value might be the same.

The double down or splitting rules are similar to other twenty-one rules. You are allowed to split up to three times thus making four hands.

You can also double down after splitting too with the exception of already split aces. This feature is very favourable to the players and normally is not available in other variants of blackjack.

If the dealer has a face-up ace with him, the player can take “insurance,” which amounts to half the original bet. The winning result payout would be 2 to 1.

The opportunity of surrender is absent in the game.


If you are looking for a bonus in Vegas Strip Blackjack, probably, you will be disappointed. Similarly, the progressive jackpots are also absent in the game.

Game Play

The minimum and maximum limits vary as per the casino rules. Some casino fixes it at $10 to $300, and some other casino might limit the same at $2 and $200.

It is, therefore, necessary for the player to know these limits beforehand. Therefore, the regular players and high rollers are also taken care by the software providers.

Free or Real Money

You can try your hand on the free online version available on the casinos. You opt for the button “Play Free.”

If you are conversant with the features and other rules of the game, you can try your luck with the real money.

Other Similar Games

In case you like Vegas Strip Blackjack, you can opt for similar games from the same software provider and enhance your excitement level.

You can try Atlantic City, Vegas downtown, and Bonus or Classic Blackjack. You have an amazing RTP of 99.65%, and the payout is 3:2, which attracts every player alike.

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