Whack A Jackpot

The Whack a Jackpot from Microgaming is a fixed odd slot. This looks like an arcade game that you get to play in a family entertainment centre. Here, there are hammers that should be used to whack the figure that pops out of the holes. The moles that come out of the holes need to be whacked to get multipliers. It is simple to play, and the rules are clear.

Whack a Jackpot Demo Mode

It is a good idea to play the Whack a Jackpot out of cost before using the real money. The gambling machine is offered online in the popular casinos. Search for the game in the casino and click on the link to get access to the free mode instantly. You are offered some free demo credits to place the bet on and start whacking. Once confident of playing the slot, switch to the real money version.

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Steps to Play with Real Money

  • It is important to first register at an online casino that hosts the Whack a Jackpot slot machine. You should make a deposit needed to play the slot if there is no offer of a welcome bonus from the casino.
  • After this, you can click on the option to play it with real money.
  • On the screen of the gambling machine, you will find the control bar at the bottom of the holes display. The stake is the option that you need to adjust to choose the bet size. It is done by pressing + or – buttons on either side of the stake option.
  • The stake ranges from 0.1 to 100.
  • The new card is the option that will start a new game and the reveal all options is one that will show all the positions.
  • The win is the option where the total payout that you get is shown.

Payouts on Offer

There are no reels or any paylines in this game. The main aim of the players is to find three moles that have the identical multiplier. If you do this, then the stake is multiplied by the amount that you win. This ranges from 1x to 10,000x. Say, if you strike the moles with an identical multiplier of 10,000, then your bet of say 10 is multiplied by 10, 000 to offer 100,000 coins. There is a total of 15 holes in the game, and the moles show their heads out of the hole at random. If the player gets three strikes, then the round is lost.

Knocking out three of the similar animals results in thumping the animals. Once this happens, the holes from where the three animals have come – get locked with a special sign. Now, you can tap open the locked holes by using the hammer to reveal the prize or use the ‘Reveal All’ option on the control menu to open all the closed positions at once.

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